Q– What types of projects do you work on?

We're able to design papers for many purposes, but typically the nature of our work focuses on wedding announcements. Traditionally, this includes Save the Dates, and Invitation Suites comprised of an invitation card, reply card, and corresponding return and recipient addressed envelopes. If you're searching for non-wedding-related design services, please take a look at our sister studio, SM Studios, focused primarily on branding and a broader scope of creative work.


Q  – Do you provide custom made invitations? 

Each month we collaborate with a limited number of clients on their wedding papers. We accept new clients by reservation, allowing all parties to plan in advance. Reservations are aligned with calendar months, allowing you to select the window of time for our collaboration that works best for your target mailing dates. 


Q  – How long does the process take?


Q  – When should I mail my invitations?


Q  – Do you handle mailing the invitations?


Q  – What kind of stamps should I use?


Q  – How do you ship? Do you ship internationally? What is the cost?


Q  – Can I purchase your designs as a template to print myself?


Q  – Do you offer wedding websites or digital save the dates?


Q  – What is the order minimum?


Q  – Is there a way to add in a details/map card?

Timelines depend on your selected printing method, but Invites typically span a three to four week window. Our workflow requires that our clients provide timely feedback and design selections, and prepare content in advance of their booked start date.  Once you order your cards it takes 2 business day for processing, 6 business days for printing, and then 2 - 6 business days for shipping. The best would be to give room for 3 weeks before they are at your door.

Wedding etiquette advises three weeks prior to the wedding date, but when travel is involved at least eight weeks in advance, and preferably nine to twelve is possible. You may determine this date by working backwards from the date in which you would like to finalize your headcount and secure seating charts, escort cards, etc. Set your "RSVP by" by date (roughly a month before the wedding ) and then allow several weeks for your guests to reply and several weeks for the mail to be delivered. Allow additional time for a destination wedding or weddings with many traveling from afar.

We do not handle the mailing or assembly of our invitation suites, which are shipped to the client safely packed and separated by piece.

For our standard invitation suites we recommend a single Forever stamp; for suites that include a number of extra items or increased paper weight, we are happy to provide information about additional mailing costs, which are calculated based on the total weight of the suite.

At the present time USPS is our preferred and only carrier for shipping all of our packaged goods. All custom and semi-custom work will ship via USPS with the costs quoted through our website, since we have found it to be the most reliable and efficient way to deliver our goods domestically and abroad. Stationery can be challenging to deliver and unlike most other products that can be purchased online it can have a delicacy and weight that lead to increased shipping costs. We have found that USPS allows us to ensure that the goods are handled, delivered, and insured in line with our business and customer needs. The only exception we allow is for sample kits shipping internationally; however, all of our international clients placing invitation/save the dates orders should keep in mind the UPS shipping costs listed through the website when placing orders, as well as any local customs fees and duties that might apply when retrieving your package locally.

We do not release or license digital versions of our artwork for copyright reasons.

We do not offer digital save the dates or invitations, but we have collaborated with clients on wedding websites through Squarespace in the past. Our availability to collaborate on website designs varies greatly depending on our calendar each month but if you’re interested in a collaboration, please contact us with the details of what you are looking for.

For flat printing, our prices are inclusive for all quantities under 500.

You're welcome to add extra cards to your invitation suite as needed. We design enclosure cards in various sizes depending on its purpose, so please inquire to discuss possibilities and pricing. 

For any questions not answered here please contact us.